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Clarke BSW 28 Floor Equipment Sweeper

Clarke produces a full line of floor care equipment and parts that are known for durability and dependability and the Clarke BSW 28 Sweeper (indoor/outdoor) is no exception. Built to be rugged and versatile, the BSW 28 is able to stand up to a variety of environments, handling both hard flooring and carpets with ease and exceptional cleaning ability. Perhaps the most exciting thing when testing the BSW 28 Sweeper was how quiet the unit operated and the agility that such a powerful sweeper demonstrated. To top it off, this Clarke sweeper is certified green by Clarke.

The BSW 28 Sweeper offers a variety of features that make it a valuable choice for a multitude of cleaning environments. The unit features active filtered dust control, self-propelled ( 2.3 mph) power traction even on slopes with up to a 20% climbing capacity, and a side broom for edge sweeping. In addition, the machine has a large hopper capacity and a gel battery power source. The sweeping path is a generous 28” that makes for a reduced cleaning time, increasing efficiency. The fact that the BSW 28 can clean across environments, going from hard surfaces to carpeting, reduces the need for more than one machine to do the job; all of the hassles that come from needing to switch machines is eliminated. The simple change of filter and brooms without using tools makes for easier operation.

Other features that make the Clarke BSW 28 Sweeper a smart purchase include parts like non-marking wheels, high-efficiency dust filtration with a very effective manual filter cleaning system, and a separate electric motor to power the side broom eliminating the need for belts that need replacement. All electrical components are protected by circuit breakers and the design includes automatic power shut-off when emptying the hopper (2.1’ capacity).

A convenient onboard charger charges the gel battery in the BSW 28, conserving pwer to and from a traditional charging station. The gel battery is a safer, more efficient battery feature in that it eliminates concerns about battery acid spills and lasts longer. The longer life of the gel battery is a feature of green design because of the reduction in replacement and disposal over time. Further, low battery voltage automatically cuts off the system to protect the gel battery and prolong its life. Overall, the battery run time is from 2.5-3 hours (carpet).

The Clarke BSW 28 Sweeper is a smart choice when it comes to cleaning capability and user friendliness as well. The adjustable depth of the active side broom (up to an additional 20” path) allows the operator to clean right up to the corner edge of the floor and wall, both indoors and outdoors and can be raised or lowered easily. The traction wheels are large diameter to provide smooth operation. The ergonomically placed self propelled traction is able to be engaged by either hand or both at the same time on a handle that adjusts to the operator’s height with no tools and can be folded over for tight storage situations or during transport. The filter shaker is easily accessible and allows the operator to clean the filter for maximum dust control as necessary. A single power switch and a battery level indicator allow for ease of training operators on the equipment and parts of the machine.

Overall, the Clarke BSW 28 Sweeper is a wise choice for versatile cleaning capability and durability. Green certified and efficient, this floor sweeper is a good investment for commercial cleaners who clean a variety of environments. To find Clarke floor machines or parts, be sure to seek out a local dealer or look for a reputable online store that offers Clarke equipment.

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