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Started almost 100 years ago in 1916, Clarke, a Nilfisk-Advance brand, has built a reputation for producing some of the most durable floor cleaning equipment on the market. Known for machines that have been used in commercial and residential applications, Clarke customers have enjoyed machines that have increased productivity, saved money and required minimal maintenance because of their rugged construction. Most notably, they are known for developing the first battery powered walk-behind scrubber in 1956 and later invented the first commercial carpet extractor in 1968.

Today Clarke offers a full line of floor maintenance equipment and floor equipment parts. Automatic scrubbers, floor sweepers, floor burnishers and polishers, wood floor sanders, carpet extractors, carpet dryers and vacuum cleaners comprise most of Clarke’s line of machines.

Clarke’s machinery is available for sale or rental, making their line one of the most accessible in the industry to an ever increasing number of consumers, both commercial and residential in the US and abroad. The company also offers customer support with their Customer Relations department, comprised of people who have been fully trained on every aspect of Clarke’s floor equipment. In addition, Clarke offers parts through its customer service center and has a fully trained staff in its Technical Service Center.

Clarke is proud to offer equipment that can handle environmentally friendly tasks, also known as ‘green cleaning.’ These machines use hot water to boost their cleaning ability, and that’s just what the technology is known as: BOOST technology. BOOST technology allows the end-user to operate and strip floors without the use of harsh chemicals—something that has seen increasing demand in the past decade. The applications for green cleaning include healthcare environments, educational facilities and foodservice where the use of chemicals is either discouraged or prohibited. Boost technology uses only water to strip floors, eliminating chemical smells and the slippery, slimy floors so often associated with chemical stripping agents. The other benefit to chemical-free stripping is just that: no chemicals means less money spent on them!

As if there weren’t enough good things to say about Clarke, the company has also been an innovator with its PRIDE PROGRAM that offers a 60-day guarantee on all floor equipment. This program allows the buyer return any Clarke machine that does not perform to their customer’s satisfaction due to a defect in mechanical design, workmanship, or parts. The customer can return the machine to their original place of purchase for a complete refund, making the Clarke brand one that customers can depend on no matter what.

Clarke Parts