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Clarke TFC 400 All-Purpose Cleaning Machine

If you are in the market for a sturdy, compact floor cleaning machine, you may want to consider equipment produced by Clarke, a leader in floor care equipment and parts. The floor machine offered by Clarke is the model TFC 400 All-Purpose Cleaner. As the name implies, this machine is designed to be all-purpose and literally go anywhere tackling a variety of environments, from bathrooms and locker rooms to hallways, walk off mat areas, carpet extraction and even garage floor/auto dealership cleaning. The TFC 400 is compact and loaded with easy to use parts and features, making it an exceptional choice for a variety of applications.

The Clarke TFC 400 is a durable floor cleaning machine that features a massive 20-gallon solution tank and a 13-gallon recovery tank. The removable tool caddy keeps parts within reach and the control panel is easy to use making this model exceptionally user-friendly for the operator. The control panel is equipped with a vacuum on/off switch, pump on/off indicator light and a chemical selection toggle switch. The 25 foot hose adds reach while in use yet stores neatly without needing a separate area for storage. The GFVI power/safety cord is detachable for easy maneuvering between plug-ins.

Other featured parts on this Clarke floor cleaning machine are the squeegee wand, wet floor sign holder and dual chemical compartment. The open chemical system fits all bottle types and allows for any chemical choice. Optional Clarke parts include a saddle bag that carries additional cleaning supplies, and an optional front mount squeegee. The tools-free removable electro-mechanical palette makes for easy service.

As a result of the innovative design of the TFC 400, cleaning is touch-free and the floor machine is easy to maneuver. The accessories available include a two bend wand for ergonomic comfort, variable pressure gun for increased cleaning efficiency, a handy scrub brush with squeegee, floor squeegee tool, hand squeegee tool and a metering tip packet. The overall dimensions of the machine are: height of 38.5 inches, length of 34 inches and a width of 20 inches. The weight of the Clarke TFC 400 is 86 pounds. The dimensions of some of the featured parts are: a solution hose length of 25 feet, a recovery hose length of 25 feet, and a blower hose (optional) length of 15 feet.

Other important parts on the TFC 400 include a 2 stage 900 W vacuum motor and a blower motor (vacuum exhaust). The waterlift measurement is 81 inches, air flow is 97 cfm and the application flow is 400 psi (1.0 gpm). Servicing this machine with Clarke parts is easy with the open-wide full access design. The motor cartridge is even removable which makes for quick and easy minor repairs, meaning increased efficiency and less downtime.

Because of the compact, durable design of this floor cleaner and the other well-thought out parts that are either included on this machine or are optional, this unit is efficient and versatile. To find Clarke machines or to order Clarke parts, contact a local representative or order online from a reputable online store.

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