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Clarke Clean Track 16-18 Carpet Extractors

Clarke offers a vast line of floor cleaning equipment and among its fleet is a carpet extractor that comes in two widths, 16” and 18”. Known for producing quality floor equipment and parts, the Clean Track 16-18 carpet extractors from Clarke are great additions to their portfolio and offer superior cleaning ability and maximum water recovery.

Both models of the Clean Track Carpet Extractors are known for offering large capacities in both solution (8 gallon) and recovery (13 gallon) tanks as well as a compact, ergonomic design. The Clarke machines have a patented ErgoEx support belt for the operator that allows the operator’s legs to pull the weight of the unit instead of the back, shoulders and arms. Other benefits of both machines include a low sound level, easy empty of recovery tank into toilet, rugged Polydur body and housing built on a clam shell frame design for easy access and overfill and debris protection. For operators using the Clean Track machines in multi-flooring buildings, the units have a soft and hard floor option. Features like these are things that allow buildings to be cleaned in less time, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Both the 16” and 18” Clean Track Carpet Extractors have rugged 10” non-marking wheels, an independent self-aligning recovery tool, and have a large tank opening with clear sight dome. The units are easy to handle because of built in precision balance and independent dashboard controls that allow the operator to focus on the line of vision and not on fiddling with controls. Overall, the ease of use of the Clarke extractors is wonderful, from filling the solution tank with a simple bucket or hose right down to the no-tool quick release vacuum shoe and other no-tool parts.

All Clarke parts on the Clean Track machines are easily accessed not only because of the innovative clam shell design, but also because of the design of individual parts on the machine itself. Switching over from hard to soft flooring and vice versa is a cinch with the no-tool quick change hard floor kit, turning the extractor into a versatile cleaning machine without needing another piece of equipment. The quick change solution nozzle and spray jets are easy to clean and maintain, in part because of the large opening size that reduces the likelihood of plugging up. Integrated options like spotting and hand tools that fit onboard make cleaning a multitude of environments hassle free, increasing productivity further. Even the scrub brushes on both the 16” and 18” models can be changed easily without the use of tools.

The two Clarke Clean Track models differ in that the 18” model has a Wash & Rinse feature that reduces labor and gets carpets cleaner faster by washing and rinsing with clear water all in the same pass. With the 16” model, separate passes are required. Both machines offer a 3-stage 1.7 hp Bypass tangential vacuum motor that has an impressive 123 waterlift rating, 1/3 hp brush motor, and automatic float shutoff for the safety of the vacuum motor. Optional accessories include a hard floor squeegee, onboard hand tool with pre-spray feature , and hard floor brush options.

Overall, we really liked these extractors. Easy to use and easy to maintain, the Clarke Clean Track Carpet Extractors are well-built and dependable. The warranty on these machines is a generous 8 years on the tanks and 1 full year for parts and labor. Clarke equipment and replacement parts can be found through a local dealer or a reputable online store.

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