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Clarke Fusion 20 & Clarke Fusion 20T Floor Machines

Clarke, a Nilfisk-Advance brand, produces a full line of floor care machines suited for both commercial and residential cleaning. Two battery powered burnishers are offered in their floor care line, the Fusion 20 and the Fusion 20T. Both of these 20 wide pad diameter models of Fusion 20 floor machines are designed to clean flooring found in buildings like healthcare facilities and schools, grocery stores and other retail environments as well as office buildings and living facility common areas.

The Clarke Fusion 20 and 20T battery powered burnishers restore floors and leave them with a consistent shine in less time than equivalent brands, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity. This increase in productivity is a result of several parts: powerful self-regulating pad pressure, powerful 36 volt battery systems (wet or AGM batteries), a burnishing deck that automatically lowers when the motor is turned on, simple operator controls that minimize training time and handy, disposable dust recovery bags.

In addition to increased productivity, the Fusion 20 burnishers are also durable. The body of both the Fusion 20 and the Fusion 20T is made out of sturdy polyethylene. The wheels and casters of the machines are industrial grade and are built to handle the weight of the machines and the surfaces that they are required to navigate. The heavy duty steel frame of the Fusion floor machines and the built in circuit breaker protection on both models indicate the attention to detail that goes into every Clarke floor care machine.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about the Fusion 20 and Fusion 20T burnishers is that they are green floor care machines. The superior dust control and optional AGM batteries mean less air pollution and no spills or gas emissions. The quiet operation of the machines at a sound level of 68 dB is the best in the industry, allowing for more versatile operating times and less disturbance in sensitive environments like health care facilities, schools, retirement communities, office buildings, and restaurants. Overall, the machines are 95% recyclable, maximizing sustainability.

The ergonomically designed floor machines are also easier on the operator, making these models favorites of commercial cleaning contractors. The ergonomically designed control handle is easier to grasp and the controls and gauges are easy-to-read. The Clarke Fusion 20 and 20T are easier to maneuver, and because of the low-profile of the machines, features an excellent line of sight for the operator. Both Fusion models also offer dynamic braking and include a safety switch to prevent false starts. Further, the dust control of the burnishers eliminates clean-up after use. The battery charger of each model is located onboard, increasing the convenience of the machines.

The pad speed of both models is 2,000 RPM and the pad motor operates at 2.5 hp. The pad pressure is self regulating, 0-30 lb. The machines measure 53.5 x 22 x 42. The difference between models is that the Fusion 20 has pad assist traction and weighs 506 lb. The Fusion 20T has power traverse traction, a .5 hp permanent magnet transaxle traction motor and weighs 521 lb. Both models offer an 8 year warranty on the polyethylene embodiment, 3 years warranty on parts and 1 year warranty on labor. For the best service on Clarke machines or to find Clarke parts, it is important to contact a local representative or order Clarke parts online from a reputable online store.

Clarke Parts